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Ludo Island -Board Game Online


The Ludo Island -Board Game is a Multi-player game happening in the evergreen Ludo Island. The Yellow and Blue Ludo-nut Soldiers will battle it out in the Ludo Island to save the Ludo Queen and own the Ludo Island.Ludo Island -Board Game is designed not to consume much of your time but give the pleasure of saving the Ludo Queen after battling it out with the Ludo-nut soldiers in the opposite camp.
Now go and battle to Collect Coins, Save the Ludo Queen and Own the Ludo Island!!!
The Best Ludo Board Game in Its Class!!
Game Features:
- Play to win the Ludo queen and to get gold coins- Play vs Android - Single player game- Multi player | Two player game on the same device- Play Online Game- Play with your friend online- Chat with emoji in online game- Board game on an island- Ancient Indian Style Dice- Auto Save Game in one click- Best in class board
Game play:
In Ludo Island –Board Game there are three Soldiers for each player.
Each player rolls the dice and begins the game by moving their Soldier Ludo-nut into the coast of the island from the boat. The players alternate turn in a clockwise direction. When the dice is rolled, the player moves through the squares with respect to the number rolled in the dice.
Player can roll the dice and move their Soldier Ludo-nut through the squares to collect coins and push the enemy Soldier Ludo-nut into the sea to more coins. The enemy Soldier Ludo-nut can be pushed into the sea, by moving your Soldier Ludo-nut to the same square where the enemy Soldier Ludo-nut resides.
The green square indicates the safe area. When a Soldier Ludo-nut captures the safe area the other player’s Soldier Ludo-nut cannot move into the same safe area or kill the Soldier Ludo-nut in the safe area. However, they can go pass the safe area, if they roll more.
The collected Coins can be spent to use the magic wand to roll their magic number which player wants to.
The first player to take all the three Soldier Ludo-nuts into the heart of the island, saves the Queen Ludo, wins the Ludo island game and gets more gold.
Single Player Mode | Player vs AndroidNo partner to play Ludo Island Game!! Click on the Single Player mode to play with Android.
Multi Player Mode or Two Player Mode | Player Vs Player on the same device.Ludo Island Game is the best in class board game where two players can play on the same device using the two-player mode.
Play Online GameLudo Island Game helps you find player online to battle. There are two sub modes under Play Online Game. Online game allows you to chat by sending coconut emotions icon to the other player and vice-verse.
Select Friend | Play Online GameLudo Island Game helps you to invite your friend to play online.
Quick game | Play Online GameLudo Island Game helps you to have a quick online game with anyone around the world who is online.
Roll the Dice and move the Solider Ludo-nut.
Green Square indicates the safe area. Capture that area so that opponent cannot push you or capture that square while you are there. However, they can pass over the area if they roll more in the dice.
Roll number 1 and get extra chance to roll.
Try to push the opponent into the sea and collect more coins.
Get all the three soldiers to the heart of Ludo Island first to save the Queen Ludo and get more coins.
When you have enough gold coins, Magic wand will appear on your screen. Use the wand to roll your magic number.
If you want to use the magic wand more than once in a game, you have to shell out more coins.
Note: you cannot roll 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 even if you use magic wand.